Choose the right ‘Smart’ device this Christmas.

It’s finally here, believe the hype! 2015 will more than ever be the Christmas of ‘Smart’. Wearables, Devices, Homes, TV’s, Games consoles, we are becoming more and more connected and that’s only going to grow. The Internet of Things is here.

So how do you choose a gift for that loved one, or even for yourself? (to ask Santa for of course) that you’ll still be happy with even three or six months down the line?

Firstly, as there is such a multitude of choice in the market, I would suggest that you first think about what need will you fulfil with a smart device?

Looking at a use case is probably the best way to identify what would be the right smart present for which person. To me ‘smart’ is about a better or new way to do something you already do, something that adds value by reducing the time it takes to do mundane tasks, or does something that’s adds and entirely new dimension or value to your life.

For example, buying somebody the latest smart sports tracker, when all they do is walk to work everyday is probably not going to be a present that they’ll use for very long.

Do they have pets at home that they worry about in the day? Get them a connected camera so they can check on them, that’s something that they’ll probably use every day. Why not combine that with a smart heating? A Hive or Nest System, so as well as heating efficiencies they can get peace of mind that they can turn up the heating if it’s a cold day.

Worried about coming home late at night when its dark in your house? Get a smart light system like Philips Hue and turn it on whenever you want or set a schedule to make sure your house is well lit when you arrive home.

It’s the same process when choosing a smart supplier for your business. At Nexo, building smart technology and services for cold drinks businesses, we believe that answering the use cases for technology are the absolute driver of the value to our customers. That’s why before we build or develop anything, we identify the use case, who and how its going to be used and determine the potential value it creates.

So when it comes to choosing between us and other smart technologies it should be an easy choice for our customers. Choose something that is specifically designed to perform, driven by use cases, to add increasing value to your business over time.  Or something that is going to be put in a draw in a couple of months?

Make the ‘Smart’ choice, Happy Shopping this Christmas!