It couldn’t be simpler to install Nexo Node- your instant solution for connected coolers

Nexo Node is now available – retrofit to maximise ROI in coolers today.

Nexo’s connected cooler program is driven by you, our customers. You can access all of the data services within our connected cooler program using Nexo Node on your already-installed EMS55 fleet.

Immediate impact with minimum fuss

Nexo Node creates value for our customers at an easily affordable price and with minimum effort from your already busy resource. Installing Nexo Node couldn’t be simpler- just remove the two small screws and access plate, and plug into the conveniently placed RJ45 port.

The Node will automatically install all the required firmware, and the upgrade is complete. You can now communicate with the fridge via a mobile handset using the Nexo App (available for Android and iOS), or via a modem.

The business intelligence it generates can make immediate impact in your business, so why not contact us and try the solution today?

Drive savings and incremental revenue instantly with Nexo Node

Nexo’s connected cooler program delivers Asset Management, Service Management, Sales Management and Consumer Engagement data services to its customers. Node enables our customers to benefit from all of these services in exactly the same way as if purchasing a new connected controller. The miniature piece of hardware is even delivered with an integrated beacon, enabling our customers to drive digital consumer engagement programs directly from the cooler.

Use of Nexo Node by early-adopting customers indicates the potential efficiencies and revenue gain of the Nexo connected cooler program:

  • Data-driven sales operations
  • Data-driven service operations
  • Clear understanding of Asset utilization levels
  • Increased effficiencies for Asset audits
  • TCO reduction

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