Delivering customer experience

Successful customer experience has always been at the heart of consumer marketing…the A,B,C of building brands and loyalty.

The delivery this customer experience is now going through a revolution as strategically important, millennial consumers have a different set of behaviors, values and beliefs. Its not enough to deliver a great single channel consumer experience, in order to succeed you need to deliver a seamless multi-channel, multi-touch point experience delivered in the way that your target market requires. These facts are changing not just the content of communications but also the delivery mechanism.

A successful experience needs to be simple, millennial’s don’t have time to break down complex offers….simple offers and good value are the new engagement DNA and “what’s in it for me?” needs to be delivered credibly.

Much more savvy consumers also value personalization, above the line marketing still has a role to play but as we have seen the year on year growth in digital spend means we are now targeting the consumer in a more personal way.

The next development is leveraging the key that sits in every consumers pocket, their smartphone, engaging with the consumer through technologies such as beacons….in fact, great technologies already exist in the market but pulling together the business model still requires vision and innovation.

Large consumer brands do understand the importance of getting directly to consumers at the Point of Sale with relevant content that resonates with the consumer, seen as a value and not a nuisance. Developing the content is the easy bit in this model but what is most challenging today is successful deployment of campaigns. This not helped by many suppliers offering global brands endlessly different technogical solutions.

Facebook recently announced, that upon request, they will give a free beacon to every retailer in USA and advertising avenues for the global social media player have seen incredible growth. This is a smart strategy to sell more advertising to global brands who are embracing social media to reach consumers and in the case of WeChat or Facebook it is these business that hold the key to the “new consumer”….Digital marketers ignore at your peril.