IoT products at CES – The overriding lessons of success

The dust has now settled on another Consumer Electronics Show and unsurprisingly, as predicted, it proved to be the year of IoT (Internet of things), artificial intelligence, drones and automotive surprises. However, what struck us was the most compelling or successful product lines seemed to demonstrated a number of key learnings.

Collaboration and compatibility are key – (IoT) Internet of Things devices seem to create the greatest value to the consumer when they work with other technologies and platforms to be part of a greater use case. Sure, there are exceptions to this rule but they tend to be few and far between.

The IoT Hub/Eco-system battle has continued to gather pace – Apple’s Homekit, Google’s Nest, Samsung SmartThings, and HTC’s connect giving consumers a single familiar interface to control their smart devices. These enhance product offering by allowing control as part of a bigger eco-system. Those companies trying to develop independent or proprietary eco-systems, will need to either be outstandingly good or have a totally unique use case that no one else can deliver.

However, the most obvious lesson from CES, is that most disruptive devices at CES deliver simplicity, ease of use, reduce costs, or perform mundane, complex or unanswered tasks. The best, deliver on all of these.

When it comes to commercial technology, these are lessons that have been already been learnt by Nexo. With a suite of services for cold drinks brand, Nexo optimises profits for cold beverage companies by providing a simple, easy to use, overview of sales and performance, an unanswered task until now. Nexo reduces cost by minimising loss and allowing remote diagnostics of these refrigeration assets. The system even gives a touch point in retail with consumers at the Point of Sale. And the best part, Nexo can provide API’s for the data and insights to be feed directly into other business systems, or remote access via a secure portal ensuring the value of the system is always accessible.