Mind the gap! Don’t worry, there isn’t one

It’s frustrating when you need multiple tools to manage your end to end campaigns. Knowledge, insights and eureka moments can be lost without you knowing. That’s why we built our system to be integrated from the ground up, to make sure there are no gaps.

At Nexo, we believe in offering value across the business, and the only way to do that is to have best-in-class services that are fully integrated with each other. We deliver end to end solutions so there are no gaps for anything to fall through.

We know that having an integrated approach allows a virtuous circle of engagement, measurement, learning and refinement, that adds value each and every time you run a campaign.

We design our solution to ensure that it works in the way our customers want. Many shopper marketing or beacon platforms can help a brand send a message to a consumer in store, but none can measure the effect of the campaign at each POS, thereby addressing the concerns we all have about relevance to consumer actions.

As well as measuring the direct purchasing impact, we can see over time if running these promotions increases the brand loyalty compared to when the promos are not running. We can tap into social media to understand a profile of our customers and deliver the view of fridge performance by demographics, and preferences. Once we understand this we can target campaigns with even more relevance, with the potential to synchronize with the ads that the person who visits the store can also see online.

The more we build our services to help our customers understand their consumers the more powerful our service becomes.