Turning the "Internet of Things" into the "Internet of Value"

Turning the “Internet of Things” into the “Internet of Value”

After all the hype, its time to deliver.

The “Internet of Things” has been trumpeted for a while now, and the promise has been that it will make the world, better, quicker and simpler. Whilst these are all great things the question we believe everyone should be asking is, “how will this add commercial value to my business?”

At Nexo we believe that we have the answer to this question, in fact, we’ve proven we have by demonstrating our capability in the field with the worlds top soft drinks and beer brands.

The Nexo solution captures data from branded fridges deployed by cold drinks brands in retail channels. This data is then transmitted to the cloud, where the Nexo algorithms analyze the data to create insights for sales, operations, service, and marketing. The beauty of these insights is that they are collected in real time, and thanks to the connectivity of the fridge we have more constantly updated data, than anyone has been able to collect before at a cost effective price.

The beauty of the “Internet of Things” is not simply the opportunity to collect and collate this data, it’s the extra layer of benefits that come of adding cloud storage and cloud computing power to enable the next level of analysis and analytics. The combination of these two elements has enabled us to design solutions that have not even been thought about before.

On the back of these two core technologies we now have the ability to develop realtime insights giving our customer the tools to increase sales, through action driven insights, de-risking and informing decision making.

It’s an exciting time, and we feel like we’ve only just started exploring the possibilities that deliver increasing value to our customers.

Nexo, It’s refrigeration refreshed.