Where is the customer experience? How technology is providing the answer

Successful customer experience has always been at the heart of consumer marketing… it’s the A,B,C of building brands and loyalty.

The delivery of customer experience is now going through a revolution, as strategically important, millennial consumers have a different set of behaviors, values and beliefs. Its not enough to deliver a great single channel consumer experience: in order to succeed you need to deliver a seamless multi-channel, multi-touch point experience, delivered in the way that your target market requires. These facts are changing not just the content of communications but also the delivery mechanism.

A successful experience needs to be simple. Millennial’s don’t have time to break down complex offers. Simple offers and good value are the new engagement DNA, and “what’s in it for me?” needs to be delivered credibly.

Much more savvy consumers also value personalization, and while above the line marketing still has a role to play, we have seen year on year growth in digital spend, meaning we are now targeting the consumer in a more personal way.

The next development is the leveraging of the key that sits in every consumers pocket, their smartphone- meaning we are seeing brands begin to engage with the consumer through technologies such as beacons. In fact, great technologies already exist in the market, but putting together the business model still requires vision and innovation.

Large consumer brands do understand the importance of getting directly to consumers at the Point of Sale with relevant content that resonates with the consumer, seen as a value and not a nuisance. Developing the content is the easy bit in this model; what is most challenging today is successful deployment of campaigns. This not helped by many suppliers offering global brands endlessly different technological solutions.

Facebook recently announced that upon request, they will give a free beacon to every retailer in the U.S.- and advertising avenues for the global social media player have seen incredible growth. This is a smart strategy to sell more advertising to global brands who are embracing social media to reach consumers- and in the case of WeChat or Facebook, it is these business that hold the key to the “new consumer”. Digital marketers ignore at your peril.

Turning the “Internet of Things” into the “Internet of Value”

After all the hype, its time to deliver.

The “Internet of Things” has been trumpeted for a while now, and the promise has been that it will make the world better, quicker and simpler. Whilst these are all great notions, the question we believe everyone should be asking is “how will this add commercial value to my business?”

At Nexo we believe that we have the answer to this question. In fact, we’ve proven so by demonstrating our capability in the field in partnership with the worlds top soft drinks and beer brands.

The Nexo solution captures data from branded fridges deployed by cold drinks brands in retail channels. This data is then transmitted to the cloud, where the Nexo algorithms analyze the data to create insights for sales, operations, service, and marketing. The beauty of these insights is that they are collected in real time, and thanks to the connectivity of the fridge we have more continuous data than anyone has been able to collect before, at a cost effective price.

The beauty of the “Internet of Things” is not simply the opportunity to collect and collate this data, it’s the extra layer of benefits that arise from adding cloud storage and cloud computing power, to enable the next level of analysis and business information. The combination of these has enabled us to design solutions that have not even been thought about before. And the best thing is, this isn’t the future- it’s today.

On the back of our core technologies we now have the ability to develop real time insights, giving our customer the tools to immediately increase sales through action driven insights, de-risking and informing decision making.

It’s an exciting time, and we feel like we’ve only just started exploring the possibilities that deliver increasing value to our customers.